Sunday, December 22, 2013

That 90's Movie: Clueless

One of my favorite movies from the nineties would have to be Clueless. For starters the fashion in this movie is awesome. At times it can be a little over the top but like everything from the nineties, dressing a little different wasn't just accepted, it was sought after. Here are some of my favorite fashion trends that I try to incorporate into my everyday style. 
Knee-High Socks
Nineties, school girl is one of my favorite style inspirations and these girls do it so well. It changes the whole look when you pop on a pair of these babies. 
Plaid Skirts
Plaid in general is such a nineties classic but when it's in the form of a skirt it just takes it to another level. Grunge nineties plaid is so different than a nineties plaid skirt and it really just shows all the stylish ways you can wear it. 

Sheer Long-Sleeve Tops
I love wearing these and I think they are such a statement piece. I especially love black sheer. When you add a cross necklace to a black sheer top it's kind of reminiscent to "The Craft" (which I will be doing a post on soon) and I just love the cool and mysterious look that it adds to any outfit.

Lastly I just want to acknowledge the costume designer and the art director for this movie
Mona May and William Hiney I bid you a long overdue thank you :)




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