Sunday, December 22, 2013

90's Inspiration: Clear Technology and PVC

Two of my favorite things from the nineties Oh My Goodness. It is so iconic and looks freaking cool. So futuristic and classic at the same time. Plus the colors were so bold an out there. 

90's Band Tribute: Hole

Honestly, such an amazing band. I love Courtney Love's voice and her girl power attitude makes each music video totally rad. Kurt and Courtney's relationship is so lovely and also such a big part of the nineties. 
Here are some songs to look up . . .

1) Celebrity Skin

2) Doll Parts

3) Malibu

4) Miss World

5) Violet


90's Band Tribute: Babes in Toyland

Babes in Toyland screams the nineties, and boy do they scream. Not everyone's cup of tea but they really transport you back to that time. They might scare you off at first but give them a try, their songs are pretty catchy and I think they aren't afraid to do or say anything. 

Look Up...

Bruise Violet
Sweet 69
Handsome + Gretel
and Drivin' 

That 90's Movie: Clueless

One of my favorite movies from the nineties would have to be Clueless. For starters the fashion in this movie is awesome. At times it can be a little over the top but like everything from the nineties, dressing a little different wasn't just accepted, it was sought after. Here are some of my favorite fashion trends that I try to incorporate into my everyday style. 
Knee-High Socks
Nineties, school girl is one of my favorite style inspirations and these girls do it so well. It changes the whole look when you pop on a pair of these babies. 
Plaid Skirts
Plaid in general is such a nineties classic but when it's in the form of a skirt it just takes it to another level. Grunge nineties plaid is so different than a nineties plaid skirt and it really just shows all the stylish ways you can wear it. 

Sheer Long-Sleeve Tops
I love wearing these and I think they are such a statement piece. I especially love black sheer. When you add a cross necklace to a black sheer top it's kind of reminiscent to "The Craft" (which I will be doing a post on soon) and I just love the cool and mysterious look that it adds to any outfit.

Lastly I just want to acknowledge the costume designer and the art director for this movie
Mona May and William Hiney I bid you a long overdue thank you :)